Tantallon Village Farmers Market

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Information for Potential Vendors

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Food vendors:

Anyone new to selling food at a public market should review the Nova Scotia Food Safety Guidelines for Public Markets. In general most food vendors at the Tantallon Village Farmers Market will be selling Schedule "B" foods: food products "not considered potentially hazardous". We expect there will be a few vendors selling Schedule "A" foods, however each vendor selling Schedule "A" food will be responsible for arranging their own permit with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture. Consult the Food Safety Guideline to see which foods fall under the various schedules. There are also Schedule "C" foods which are flat-out disallowed at public markets.

Note that while Schedule "B" includes most baked goods, it does NOT include cream filled pastries, meat filled pies, meringue topped pies, and cheescakes.

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